Former MTV Base VJ Nomuzi Mabena Talks About Why She Left Cashtime Records, Twitter Backlash & More

Recently word on the street was that South African television personality and rapper Nomuzi Mabena had left MTV Base to Vuzu TV and had also parted ways with her record label Cashtime Records spearheaded by popular rapper K.O

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What could have caused this sudden departure? Well the Mzansi girl sat down with News  24 to chat all about her recent decision and also how she handles backlash on twitter


On leaving Cashtime, she said…

”I think when I joined Cashtime we were both emerging brands. They were solidifying themselves in the hiphop game and I was solidifying myself just in the industry. When we started working together everything was great, we were growing and we were building  and we built so much that things just started overflowing”


”I have a really crazy demanding media career that constantly demands a lot from me and they are a management company but they are way more music based so I just needed people that can do everything…….The split was definitely mutual”

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On Twitter Trolls….

”They just watch things, waiting for the bad part. They don’t even look forward to the good part….well most of them”

”But it is always important to focus on the positive because there are a lot of people who are actually on social media for the right reasons”

She went on to say that..

”There are some people that are not going to like you and there some people that I also don’t like, there are some things that I don’t like but I won’t necessarily go on twitter and be like…yo I think she is so wack”


Check out the three part video where she also talks about leaving MTV Base, being a female rapper and more











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