Model Adwoa Aboah Talks About Her Drug Addiction & Insecurities – Says ‘I Wanted To Be Like Someone Else’


Life can be tough sometimes don’t you agree? Adwoa Aboah, a British model who is of Ghanaian descent not only stripped down to her undies but also got very candid about her life.

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The model  who has graced the covers of Vogue magazine and has worked with major brands such as H&M and Top Shop revealed in an interview with Style Like U (a digital platform) that she thinks she was actually born slightly sad, she also disclosed she first started using narcotic drugs at the tender age of 14

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She said  ” I remember getting drunk on my  14th Birthday and trying  some spliff (cannabis cigarette) and very quickly I just went on to coke but I was never really into that but as soon as I found Ketamine (a substance used for anaesthesia of animals) it kind of just went down hill

On people’s first impressions of her

”Intimidating, I call it a resting B**** face, it is just that when I’m plain I slightly look quite aggressive, I mean I’m not like that at all but I think because I’m really shy and I’ve always been and I was pushed around a lot, through out school and now in my head I never want to be that kind person people walk all over”

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Image via Twitter

On her previous insecurities

”I wanted to be like some else, all the other girls…blonde, white, blue eyed, sexy all the boys fancied them”

”I had braids, everyone had straight hair, I got straight hair then it felt weird, I actually wore a hat for two years”


Watch Adwoa’s full feature below:







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