Kelly Rowland Looks Smoking Hot As She Chats About ‘Chasing Destiny’ With Galore Magazine


We all know Kelly Rowland from the hit girl group Destiny’s Child so it nice to see the music star giving back to society by starting her own music group

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Chasing Destiny, a docu-series  which airs on BET Africa this month would feature Mrs Witherspoon aka Kelly Rowland trying to find the next superstar all female group


She says…

”I felt like there was a void in the marketplace with girl groups. I’ve been wanting to put together a girl group since Destiny’s Child’s very last tour. Between that time, I was busy with my solo projects and I said that if I wanted to basically bring a group under my wing, then I wanted to be able to have the attention to pay to them, to nurture them, to be sure that I could be there to help mold them and I wouldn’t be so busy with things I had to do.”

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”Basically the longer I waited, the more I felt like there was a huge gap in the marketplace for girl groups. I was like, where are all the girl groups? I put a girl group together, Little Mix, and it was so much fun. And then of course a couple of years passed and “X-Factor” [let to the rise of] Fifth Harmony and I’m like, only two girl groups? That’s all we get?”

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”So basically, I just knew it was time for me to really start the documentary, and I wanted of course my partner Frank Gaston to be on board with me. We just got started and I remember talking to different networks about the idea, and some people didn’t get it and they thought it would be another “Making the Band.” But that’s not what I wanted at all. I wanted the cameras to be there to catch it all and I didn’t want there to be a specific formula in the show, and a lot of people would be scared of that. I’m just happy my BET family loved it.”








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