Sad News: Magic System Band Member Drowns In Ivory Coast


Remember Magic System?  The popular Ivorian music group responsible for hits such as ‘Premier Gaou,’Amoulanga’ and many more recently lost a band member.

Didier Deigna aka Pepito, the drummer of the popular group drowned at a beach in the small town of Jacqueville in southern Ivory Coast on Sunday.

Apparently Pepito accidentally lost his life when he tried to save another person from drowning.


Deigna was 46  years old. In an official statement via Magic System’s facebook page, they disclosed ….

”He was enjoying a little rest following the preparations for the FEMUA 9, before the resumption of the French tour of magicians.
“Pepito” was our backup singer, drummer but especially the conductor for the last 16 years with our group magic system.
He ensures the proper holding of our orchestra music and good symphony during all these years and the many concerts of the magicians in the world.
He will always be engraved in our hearts.
Rest in peace “Pastor” as some called him”

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