Tiwa Savage’s Popular Interviewer Azuka Ogujuiba Claps Back At Critics


The African social media went through quite a frenzy last week when Afrobeats music star Tiwa Savage made some shocking revelations about her marriage to Tunji ‘Teebillz’ Balogun in an exclusive interview. (click here if you missed it)



Besides the emotional interview, some viewers had some not so pleasant things to say about Azuka Ogujuiba, the journalist from This Day Style who interviewed Tiwa.

In a feature with Genevieve Magazine, Azuka had a message for all her critics. She said

Photo via Genevieve.ng
Photo via Genevieve.ng

”I read some of the feedback and insults. I am not a TV journalist. I am a print journalist. I am not trained to be before a camera. I understand the criticism was because of the love for Tiwa so I’m not really bothered because I love her too. So believe it was because I didn’t show her the love which her fans expected.”


On why she showed no emotion during the interview

”I had done my crying before I went on air. I told myself I had to be hard and it was deliberate. And her management insisted it had to be recorded so that she would not be misquoted. I am not a camera person but I decided to go along with their conditions because I wanted the exclusive. I felt she trusted me enough to give me the exclusive. I’m very nervous in front of the camera. It wasn’t easy for me because I was talking to a friend. I like TJ. I like Tiwa. It was tough I was trying to remove my emotions.”


On how she got to interview Tiwa

I was supposed to interview her three weeks ago. And she was supposed to get permission to use Jamil’s picture with the pampers picture. I had been following up for a while unsuccessfully. i believe she was reluctant because of the issues going on in the marriage. After Teejay’s rant in the morning, I was asked to check online and saw TeeJay’s rant. I called Tiwa and told her what I heard and asked about the interview we were supposed to have. I later called Elohor both lines were busy throughout the day. I was finally able to get Elohor about 10pm and said I need to speak to Tiwa. But she replied that she doesn’t think Tiwa will talk. Around 2am my phone rang and I saw Tiwa’s caller ID. And it was her PA saying she’s ready to do the interview and asked If I can come she would be very grateful. So I had to get my younger brother to  come with me because of the time. So they came to pick me from home and we went to Tiwa’s house. It was a bit scary because of that time of the night.The interview was meant for ThisDay not PulseTV but her management decided to release it to Pulse instead. I was quite upset about that.”

On if she thinks too much information was shared

”The woman I saw that night was broken. I really don’t want to blame her. She was a woman who had tried so much. She was in a terrible state. I had to ask her why she was crying like someone had died.  She has covered so much from the public like when she covered his debts for the car, wristwatch etc. because she was scared the media would get hold of all the information.”



What do you think about what Azuka had to say?





For the full interview check out GenevieveMagazine.Ng

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