Did You Know Hon. Kennedy Agyapong Paid For Abraham Attah’s School Fees? Here Is The Scoop

Abraham Attah may have taken Hollywood by storm with his spectacular performance in the movie ‘Beast of No Nation’ but it seems the young bloke has not forgotten his roots.

Attah who apparently used to hawk in the streets of Ashiaman recently credited Ghanaian Member of Parliament Hon. Kennedy Agyapong as being part of his success story.

Image via Instagram

The Hollywood sensation paid a visit to Mr. Ayapong’s residence recently to thank him for paying for his school fees. How humbling is that ?

Now, in a recent interview with Hitz FM in Accra, the Member of Parliament revealed how he met the young star.

He said….

”’In my youthful age when I was growing up I also hawked on the streeets…so when I see young men like that I want to help”

”He was so smallish and I said no you have to go to school”

Image via Getty Image
Image via Getty Image

He also talked about how he didn’t want the whole world to know about his philanthropic act because according to him in our part of the world many people would just call you a braggart

He went on to say…

”No matter where you were born if you are given the opportunity you can be somebody”

”What this tells me is that as leaders of this country we are not doing well for the  youth”





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