Bonang Matheba Talks About How She Got The E! Africa Deal

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If you are wondering how Africa’s Queen Bee aka Bonang Matheba was able to scoop the deal of a lifetime with popular American television channel E! Entertainment Television when they recently expanded it’s wings to our vibrant continent, then here is the juice.

In a recent interview with Pulse TV, the Mzansi girl shared how she got the gig as a host for E! Africa

She said….

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”They called me a long time ago, last year July actually and they said you know what Bonang we want to work with you, E is coming to Africa and we need a female host so like the Giuliana Rancic of Africa”


”And I was like oh absolutely it’s my dream, it is something that I absolutely want to do, we continued with the conversation and I started with my E! Entertainment Special. I was the first African celebrity to have an entertainment special…… after the success of that other opportunities came about”

Watch full video below:


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