#BeInspired – Chimpanzee Attack Survivor Charla Nash Opens Up About Her Life

They say ‘it is not about how many times you fall but is about how many times you get back up.’

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Charla Nash, a woman living in Connecticut (USA) experienced her worst nightmare back in 2009 when a friend’s pet chimpanzee brutally attacked her. The incident not only left Carla blind but pretty much incapacitated.

Photo via: nynewsdaily
Photo via: nynewsdaily

Fast forward to 2016 and the 62 year old woman is still hopeful and full of life.  She says ”I’ve come a long way”

Even though it was recently reported that her body is currently rejecting the amazing face surgery she had back in 2011 .

This is because  she stopped taking her medication when she decided to partake in a military-funded study that test transplant victims to see if they could successfully stop their anti-rejection drugs that occasionally cause severe side effects.

Courtesy of Shelly Sindland Photo via: Today: Charla in July 2015 holding a picture of herself before the the 2009 chimp attack.
Photo via: Shelly Sindland/Today: Charla in July 2015 holding a picture of herself before the  2009 chimp attack.


In an interview with Meredith Veira on the Today Show she said….

”The study is not a failure. They’ve learned so much from all my testing and my input. It’ll help with the future going forward.”

Surprisingly despite her disability,  Charla is fiercely independent and even lives alone. Watch the touching interview below:




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