”I’m Out For Revenge” – Skepta Talks Working With Drake, Growing Up In A Nigerian Household, New Album ‘Konnichiwa’ & More


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Skepta is one musician who proves that you can make it against all odds. The British-Nigerian star who was never signed under any record label has successfully taken grime music to unimaginable places in the world.

His latest album titled ‘Konnichiwa’ was recently released and it is already topping the charts. The rapper sat down for an interview with BBC Radio 1Xtra and he had quite a lot to say about his music, how he met music superstar Drake, his alleged beef with other rappers, growing up in a Nigerian household and more.

On how the ‘Drake’ encounter came about he said…


”I can’t tell how he heard of me, I would never know but I would put my money on that he just found me searching online for music, that’s what he is like, he is a music lover”


On Konnichiwa, he disclosed…

”It is a classic because I dont  make music just for today …….I’m proud of Konichiwa, when I listen to it there is so much pain, laughs, tears, death, birth everything that happened in the last two years”


On how growing up in a Nigerian household influenced his music

”A  lot of the freeness and outspoken style comes from my mum, cause she is just like that, from a very young age we (including his siblings) went to a church school after we left the school, she brought us up on a realist level.. she was like ‘this is what is, this is how life is…everything in the past doesn’t exist no more, there is no future until we get there, enjoy and do what you’ve got to do now”


He also revealed how his dad (who was a DJ) influenced his music techniques

On critics he said…

“I’m out for revenge fam, I come into this ting pure-hearted and loving music, and people try to take me for an idiot”

Skepta also dished on when he stopped selling drugs, his alleged beefs in the industry and more. Watch the full interview



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