Amazing! See The Evolution Of Kenyan Women In This 100 Years Of Beauty Series

How about we travel back into time and check out how Kenyan women and their unique hairstyles have evolved over the years.

The folks down at Watch cut recently shared interesting visuals which proves that black beauty is timeless



For those of you who still think Kim Kardashian invented the so called boxer braids aka cornrows well check this out…

According to the brand in Kenya this hairstyle was found in the era of …

”1920s They further state that… By 1920, Britain established Kenya as a colony and began work on a railway that could pass around Lake Victoria and export goods throughout the region. The era saw a huge influx of immigrants from other British colonies such as India, many of whom were involved in the construction of the railway. The era of British rule resulted in devastating losses of land for the native Kenyan populations as well as forced labor on British colonial projects. ”

100 1years


In the 1970’s this chic turban look was according to Watch Cut referred to as ‘Mama Ngina’ because it was inspired by Kenya’s first lady at the time Ngina Kenyatta who was uber stylish and graceful. This was when Kenya had just regained independence.

100 years

Flashback  to 2010s and Lupita Nyong’o and other beauties are fabulously rocking this low cut look all over

Wactch the interesting video below:








Images via Watch Cut

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