Nigerian Fashion Label ‘Ethnik’ Bring Us A Mix Of Vintage & Urban Designs

Araba’s Cafe embraces its African roots as it sets to host unique African contemporary fashion brand – Ethnik, this Sunday, 29th May 2016.

Anike bag

The brand which presents a unique blend of vintage Nigerian fabric with contemporary urban fabrics was founded by multi-dimensional Artist, Tunde Owolabi.

Ethnik has successfully re-imagined the use of Aso Oke by converting carefully designed Aso oke pieces into eclectic and vibrant collections of afro-centric fashion and home accessories such as sneakers, boots and sandals, belts and bags.


The brand displays an array of handmade collections which elegantly expresses beauty and opulence of the Nigerian traditional culture and history while it reiterates that Aso-Oke, which is widely known for its versatility, durability and longevity stands out in a multitude of fabrics.

Yellow Scar side1

“The colourful Aso-Oke pieces are designed by me and are hand-loomed by traditional weavers. My vision is to create a modern ethnic-inspired brand that appeals to fashion lovers across generations. I want people to feel like they are wearing a work of art; a collector’s item.”– Tunde Owolabi, Creative Director, Ethnik.


The various collections from the brand includes “Our Scarified” collection which is inspired by the traditional Yoruba practice of scarification and “Oriki” collection which pays homage to Yoruba praise poetry.

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