Vic Mensa Chats About Dealing With Depression, New EP, Racial Profiling & More On The Breakfast Club

Vic Mensa


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Vic Mensa who turned a  year older today gave many people around the globe major friendship goals when he shared an image of himself chilling with Jay Z, Beyoncé and rising star Chance The Rapper as seen in the photo above.

The Ghanaian-American rapper was recently interviewed on popular US radio show The Breakfast Club where he not only chatted about his new material but also got very candid about his personal life.


Vic talked about issues of police brutality in America, dealing with depression, the first and probably the last time he laid his hands on a woman, quitting drugs, his new EP and more

On dealing with depression he revealed

”I think it is something I started dealing with early, before I got into rap, well really into rap, first time I really  remember that type of sensation…was when I was like 16, 15 years old”

Vic Mensa
Vic Mensa

”I think what people don’t understand a lot times about things like depression and anxiety is that they think it just means you are sad or you are nervous…but really though it is like a brain chemistry thing and lot times it runs in the family”

On police brutality/ racial profiling, he said…

”We can’t act like cops aren’t not going to die as they keep killing us, you can’t act like your life is more important than my life, because in the eyes of the universe that is not true, to American laws that is true but right and wrong doesn’t side with you on that opinion”


Watch the full interview below:

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