Highlights From #MBFWJ16 – DJ Zinhle x Chesney Williams, Minnie Dlamini x Tayla Nguskos & More

Minnie-Dlamini-x-Tayla Nguskos-mbfw16-yaasomuah-4

Still recapping on day 1 and 2 of the ongoing Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg.  In conjuction with African Fashion International SA celebrities; DJ Zinhle, Minnie Dlamini and DJ Tira collaborated with a lovely mix of budding designers.

Check out what they came up with

DJ Zinhle x Chesney Williams

DJ Zinhle-x-Chesney-Williams-yaasomuah







Minnie Dlamini x Tayla Nguskos

Minnie-Dlamini-x-Tayla Nguskos-mbfw16-yaasomuah-2


Minnie-Dlamini-x-Tayla Nguskos-mbfw16-yaasomuah-3


Minnie-Dlamini-x-Tayla Nguskos-mbfw16-yaasomuah


Minnie-Dlamini-x-Tayla Nguskos-mbfw16-yaasomuah-6


Minnie-Dlamini-x-Tayla Nguskos-mbfw16-yaasomuah-4


DJ Tira x Buda Malete

DJ-Tira-x-Buda Malete-mbfwj16-yaasomuah-5


DJ-Tira-x-Buda Malete-mbfwj16-yaasomuah


DJ-Tira-x-Buda Malete-mbfwj16-yaasomuah-1



DJ-Tira-x-Buda Malete-mbfwj16-yaasomuah-2



DJ-Tira-x-Buda Malete-mbfwj16-yaasomuah-3


DJ-Tira-x-Buda Malete-mbfwj16-yaasomuah-4


DJ-Tira-x-Buda Malete-mbfwj16-yaasomuah-7














Photo  Credit: Africa Fashion International

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