Black Coffee Chats About Turning Down Remixes For Justin Bieber, His Success Story & More In An Interview On BBC 1Xtra

(L-R) Black Coffee & DJ Edu


Black Coffee is such an inspiration, don’t you agree? The South African DJ was recently in the UK and he caught up with BBC 1Xtra’s DJ Edu for an interview.

The award-winning disc  jockey/producer chatted about how he got the name Black Coffee, his album Pieces of Me, how he scooped Alicia Key’s ‘In Common’ remix and you know he has remained on top of his game probably because of his authenticity and not conforming to mainstream music.

Well he disclosed, when it come to making new music….

”I have to feel it…I choose to fight battles that I can win, they always say you are as good as your last work, I have had opportunities soo many times, I was given a Macy Gray song to remix which was so huge for me, (during the) 2010 the World Cup… and I was like ‘nope’ …Universal Music and South Africa was freaking out ”


He went on to  say…

”I have been given stuff, recently even Justin Bieber’s stuff and I’m like nope, for me it must resonate with what I do, then it would come out well and I would be proud of it”

He also talked about his humble beginnings, how he got the name Black Coffee and more


On how it all begun, he disclosed…

”I was just always curious about music…I was one of those kids who was in every choir, every group, I was in the gospel choir, I was in the school choir…..anything that had to do with music I was always involved in…When I finished high school, I went to college, I went to a music school but I didn’t really know what I was going to do, I just knew I loved music production more than anything”


On how he got the name Black Coffee

”Actually a friend of mine from Zambia used to call me that, and it wasn’t DJ related, it was more of my skin complexion and one day I thought I really need a DJ name”

Check out the entire interview below:



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