Celebrity Chef & TV Star Siba Mtongana Shares Her Inspiring Career Journey In The Latest Issue Of Destiny Magazine



They say success never comes easy and South African celebrity chef, Television star and entrepreneur Siba Mtongana is dishing out her inspiring career journey in the September 2016 issue of Destiny Magazine.

Siba recently revealed that….

“I remember at university some students used to laugh at me and say ‘who comes all the way from the Eastern Cape to a university in Cape Town to learn how to ‘boil eggs’… that’s a hobby… what a waste of time and brains’. But little did they know of what my degree actually was about and little did they know about my mission and vision.”


”I was very clear from the onset about what I wanted… Popular field or not. Before food became a global trend. I could have done law or medicine as per my parents’ wish. However, it’s important to follow your heart and do what you love and be clear about what you want… even if people are not seeing what you see! Just keep moving… Maybe one day they will. I believe passion, hard work and clarity of vision increases your chances of success in whatever career path you are in or pursuing!”  





To read more or purchase the pulication’s September issue, check out DestinyConnect.com

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