'A Lot People Think I'm Dead' – Veteran Actor Mac Jordan Amartey Talks About Being Physically Challenged


You have got to admit that it is quite sad when you hear about Veteran Ghanaian actors who either end up broke or very ill and in some cases both.

Actor Mac Jordan Amartey seems to have unfortunately fallen into a similar predicament.mac-jordan-amartey-yaasomuah-2016

In an interview with Razz Online he disclosed…

”Actually I am physically challenged, that is I can’t walk steadily, I have been amputated in the right leg and it’s been should I say, sorrow for me”

Surprisingly it has been over four years now since the actor had his leg amputated and he says….

”A lot of people think I’m dead…currently I don’t love to be part of films.”

He further disclosed…

”I didn’t want people to see me. Hundreds of people (including) the media came to see me, I didn’t want to see them I was extremely sad”

Check  out the entire interview below:


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