The Game Talks About His Beef With Meek Mill, The Kardashians & More On Wendy Williams' Show

In case if you have not been keeping up, American rappers; The Game, Meek Mill and even singer Sean Kingston have been dragging each other in the mud on social media.

Rumour has it that Sean Kingston got robbed in the club and Meek Mill allegedly snitched to Sean that it was The Game and his crew that robbed him.  Both Meek Mill and The Game have released tracks dissing each other and nobody knows when this hot mess would end.


One thing I know for sure is, Today The Game on The Wendy Show and he revealed…..

”It is just a little hip-hop beef”

When asked  how far this would go he said…

” I’m just day by day with it… it is what it is. It comes down to a point where you are just like, you have got to deal with it as it comes. I feel like I was violated ”

He went on to say…

”Nobody is perfect, we all have days where we are at fault and we make mistakes some days are good some days are bad, you have got to take them all together”


Hmm interesting. In other news, the rap star has been kissing and telling lately. The Game who revealed in a song that he slept with three Kardashians, had everyone guessing which of the sisters, he smashed.

The Games was however quite adamant to reveal the identities of the trio but he indirectly hinted that they are: Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and soon to be Mrs Angela Kardashian aka Blac Chyna.

Imagine that? Watch the full interview below:




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