Video: Russell Simmons Reveals The Beef Between Meek Mill And The Game Is Over!


You would agree that we all need that one adult who would check us when we go wrong. Guess in Meek Mill and The Game’s case it is hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons.

The Game. Photo via Getty Images
The Game.
Photo via Getty Images

If you hate the nasty shots the two American rappers have been throwing at each other on social media, then I have  got good news for.

Photo via: Getty Images
Photo via: Getty Images

Russell Simmons was today interviewed on HOT 97 (a New York based radio station) and he revealed…


”I had a conversation with Meek Mill and The Game yesterday…and I asked them to do me a favour and both said they would stop posting, it is a misunderstanding”

”These two, they are good dudes,  real street dudes and they have got to protect their reputation but you know as a favour they are going to stop posting and Imma hopefully have a meeting with them next week or so ”

Hopefully this hot mess ends soon. Watch the full interview below:


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