#BeInspired: SA TV Star Nomzamo Mbatha Talks About Her Life & Secrets To Success



They say in a competition we only remember the first but never the person who came in second or even the third. South African TV star Nomzamo Mbatha just might be the exception to the rule. The Mzansi girl came into the spotlight after partaking in the MTV Africa VJ Search competition and even though she did not win, Nomzamo is now a big shot in the African entertainment scene.

The 26-year-old actress recently spoke at Ned Bank’s #Talk4Success program in her country and she dished on the need to ‘run your own race at your own pace’

L-R: Tumi Voster and Nomzamo Mbatha
L-R: Tumi Voster and Nomzamo Mbatha

She revealed….

”I didn’t grow up in a very wealthy home to put it mildly, we had many struggles…I was surrounded by ‘lack’ every where that I looked people lacked something…..I knew that I wanted more for myself ”

”It was understanding that I was meant for much greater things and if you do not have that feeling, you have got to act quick, you have got to fix it quick, fix your mind, fix the way you think”

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If you are wondering what her name Nomzamo means, well she says…

”When my grandmother named me, she named me Nomzamo after Winnie Mandela. Now that name means resilience, it means she who strives, it means perseverance”



Another note worthy statement by the South African beauty was that…

”I am a firm believer in one’s calling because one’s calling is your purpose…. There are so many of us who ignore our calling, there are so many of us who are afraid to respond to the calling”

Check out the entire 8-part video below: (yes I know, 8 parts, it is quite long but it would definitely be worth it)





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