Ruth Williams Of Mentor Fame Talks About Being Sexually Abused, Auditioning For X Factor & More

Who remembers Ruth Williams from TV3’s talent show Mentor? Well home girl is back on the scenes and she is baring it all.

Today she stopped by Joy FM for an interview and she revealed….


“I have gone through rape before and

I know the experience when it comes to rape, I feel it is about time Ghanaians or Africans especially Ghanaian women….we have to address these issues and solve them”

Ruth also disclosed that she was raped by a neighbour at the age of nineteen (19). She said..

”I was too naïve at that time, it came out, my parents got to know. We handled it but I didn’t learn a lesson from that”

She also revealed that the matured Ruth would have reported the issue to the police

On auditioning for X-Factor…

”X Factor was very tough, compared to Mentor the auditioning was tough…they want passion, they are not looking for just singers, they want something real”

Peep the entire interview below:



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