SA TV Star Nonhle Thema Talks About Dealing With Depression, Her Career & More



What would you do if you became famous today? While you think about that, bet you remember Channel O’s sexy and beautiful presenter Nonhle Thema from back in the day.  Nonhle was even out in America interviewing the likes of 50 Cent, Diddy among a host of others. She was also one of the first African celebrities to introduce us to the realty TV craze with her show ‘Nonhle Goes To Hollywood.’ Unfortunately all that fame went downhill, from her popular rants on twitter to the continuous public backlash.

Image via: Instgram
Image via: Instgram


Nonhle recently had an emotional interview with South African media personality Anele Mdoda where she talked about dealing with depression, her twitter rants, career and finding herself.

On dealing with depression

”I had been suffering from depression, there is a lot of sicknesses out there that you can’t pinpoint. I was suffering because…. I was a very lonely person, I was always working, I spent most of 20’s grinding hard. I never had friends, I didn’t have a child, I never had a boyfriend…my endorsements always restricted me from even having a relationship. I was a very lonely person, I was sad”

On her Twitter rants

”That whole twitter thing, I was  really really just  trying to find myself, everybody always ask me, do you regret it?  I don’t regret it. It happened for a reason. I lost a lot of money, it is fine, I lost a lot of things, it is fine. But you know what, I gained a lot more than I lost…I gained understanding of this world and this bubble that I was living in”

On her career

”I was always pushed and it was by accident…things always use to happen in my life. I never asked for it, I never asked for fame I just wanted to do what I love”

On her life now

I was living a life that was a dream…there was a point I didn’t know who I [was] ….I am now a human being and I am now humbled because I know life is not living in America and interviewing 50 Cent because there was a time I thought that was life”

On if she would have loved to be the ‘it’ girl  now instead of back then

”The years that I lived my career were the best years because it was just about being genuine and loving what you do, there was no fame back in our days because there was no social media where people become instantly famous…there was no media scrutiny, people were just doing what they love”

Peep the full interview below:


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