Rap Star Dr. Dre Receives Backlash After The Release of #SurvivingCompton + His Ex Michel'le Meets Oprah!

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Did you watch the biopic Surviving Compton and did you feel like never ever buying  Beats By Dre headphones after that? Now the film Straight Outta Compton which became a hit, portrayed the lives of Legendary American music icons Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and the late  Eazy-E


It seems there was another juicy part about Dr Dre’s lifestyle that was left out of the biopic. Now for ages, word on the street was

that Dr Dre was very abusive towards women. Yesterday’s premiere of the film Surviving Compton by singer and Dr Dre’s ex  Michel’le  proved that all those rumors just might be true.



Dr Dre who threatened to sue Lifetime (TV channel) if this movie ever saw the light of day received tons of backlash after the biopic aired. Take a look






Dr. Dre’s Instagram page was not left in all the action.



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Michel’le  on the other hand seems to have gained quite a number of fans and support. Even the big mama herself Oprah!




What do you think about all this?


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  1. I have never liked Dr. Dre. Actually u can see it in his eyes, he has issues. However, I thought he would like men, not beat black women. Is that why he married a white women? So he could contain himself?

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