South African Star Pearl Thusi Chats About How Her Fiancé Proposed, Starring In Quantico, & More


Have you been watching the American drama series Quantico? If you have, then you have probably caught a glimpse of South African actress Pearl Thusi on your television screens.

The hot mama of one recently caught up with media personality Anele Mdoda where she talked about her childhood, becoming a  mother at 19, her love life, her successful career and of course Quantico.


On being knocked up at 19, she said…

”The first 7 weeks I didn’t know I was pregnant…when I found out, I was so stressed”

”The father of the child (who apparently does want his name mentioned in the press), we weren’t good the whole time, there were great times, but we weren’t good the whole time and it put a lot of pressure on me, there were a lot of tears during my pregnancy, a lot of pain, there were a few good times.”

On how her now fiancé Robert Marawa (of Super Sports)  popped the question

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” He took me to my favourite restaurant, he is very romantic and we were sitting…As soon as I eat, I’m trying to find a bed like that’s how I operate. I’m the worst.”

”So he is like ‘taking you out to dinner is actually the worst thing because in an hour afterwards then we have to go because you are now passing out on the table’…..So I’m getting tired and he is like no just have a crème brûlée and I’m like… ‘okay I don’t really want one but fine’ and then in like 10 seconds it was there and I was like ‘what kind of crème brûlée is this?’ So then I ate it quickly because I really wanted to leave and long story short, another platter came and it was a box I thought it was chocolate… and then I opened it and I realized what was going on. There he was….sweating, and then finally it happened. He did kneel but I didn’t see that”


On how she got on Quantico

” I got a call from Quantico casting directors…’Please can you read for this role’ and I was like… ‘People in New York are asking me?”

”So then I read for it, long story short Thabo Rametsi who plays Solomon Mahlangu in Kalushi  has been pivotal with me growing as an actor because he is always there for every audition tape I have to send to the States or to send to London”



”I  got a call to say I got the job and in two weeks I had to get a visa and ship my whole life away”

Watch the full interview below where she also talks about her relationship with her father, her career and more



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