''I Grew Up Not Being Liked'' – Trevor Noah Chats About His Rise To Success, Being In Love, His New Book 'Born a Crime' & More


Before the Daily Show, before everyone knew who Trevor Noah was, the popular South African comedian was apparently a young man who used to be a boxer and a taxi driver. Now isn’t that interesting?

In a recent interview with media personality Anele Mdoda, Trevor reveals he took a chance by opting for comedy when he could have potentially had a great career in radio. He said ….



”I can say what got me where I am today, was taking a chance and doing what I love. I think too many people focus on doing what they think is successful versus doing what they love”

On his humble beginnings and how he handles negative feedback, Trevor revealed…

”I spent my life not being liked, I grew up not being liked, I only know how to be an outsider, so in my world I was the kid growing up in Soweto where every one was looking at me going… ‘What is this thing of yours?’ …’What are you?’ I grew up in a coloured area in Eden Park  where all the coloured kids were like ‘Why do you talk funny’… I was lucky that I could go to a private school but I didn’t have money of a private school [kid], so now the kids were like ..’Why don’t you get picked up by your mum, why are you walking’

”I was always out, I’ve only ever known how to be an outsider. What life has forged me into is a person who  knows how to exist beyond being part of the club, so with negative criticisms and those things, it doesn’t  trick you into being liked, because the danger of being liked is, you do the thing because the people like you and you want to remain liked”


Word on the street is, Trevor is apparently dating model Jordyn Taylor. Now even though Trevor did not talk about his rumoured boo, he disclosed that he is ”very much in love”



Aww how sweet, watch the full interview below where Trevor chats about  meeting his estranged father, how his mother wants grandkids and his new book ‘Born a Crime’






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