Photo Credit: Matt Sayles

Nigerian-American Actress Yvonne Orji Talks About Being A Virgin At 32, Starring In The New Series 'Insecure' & More

Photo Credit: Matt Sayles
Photo Credit: Matt Sayles

For those who think since it is 2016 and there are no longer virgins   above 21 well you might want to reconsider.

Actress Yvonne Orji was interviewed on New York’s radio show The Breakfast Club and she revealed how no man has broken her hymen.

The 32 year old Nigerian woman said…

”Personally I had plans to have sex by the time I turn 18, I knew the dude, I was like it is on and popping…. I had it figured out and then I got to college when I was 17… and then I got saved”

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Yvonne also disclosed that the reason why she wanted to wait till she was 18 was because if she became pregnant, she did not want anyone telling her strict Nigerian mother (who is a nurse) that she was expecting.

Yvonne stars in a new series dubbed Insecure which airs on HBO in the US and Vuzu AMP on DSTV in the motherland.

Check out the full interview below where she also dishes on being bullied in school because of her Nigerian accent, dudes sliding in her DM and more



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