Nana Akua Addo Responds To Controversies About Bibi Bright, Paying For Awards & More

If you have been keeping up with social media then you might know that actress Ghanaian Nana Akua Addo was recently dragged into the mud by her colleagues including Bibi Bright, Selly Galley and Zynell Zuh (click here if you missed it)



Nana Akua was accused of paying for awards, having a fake social media account that bullies other celebrities and even as far as accusing her of snatching another woman’s man and using her kids against her babies daddy.

The crew of Joy Prime (TV channel ) recently caught up with the actress at an event and asked her about the current controversies.

Check out a few highlights below:


On being the face behind a fake social media page that bullies other celebrities

”They claim there is a page bullying celebrities, have they shown any proof? What did that particular page say to what celebrities, what did she write about them?”

” Most of the celebrities have two or three, four accounts, I don’t think I’m the only person. That account hasn’t bullied anybody as far as I’m concerned”


On Bibi Bright’s accusations

”Bibi Bright didn’t say things about me she actually said things I said about people. If the people  come out and they own up that I have said that and they want to take me to court, that would actually be more interesting”




On  paying for awards

”When I saw all these attacks I grew chills. If you know me, I didn’t start today, I have been there for a while, I started from Miss Malaika (the beauty pageant) and I was a second runner up in 2003 and I went all the way to Germany, Miss Ghana Germany and I won and I came back. My  first movie I did was in 90 something and God’s favour has found me now. If I had all that money to pay for all the awards, why now? I could have bought them a long time ago, why now?”

” Let’s all do the math here, who would want to buy an award and give it to a colleague who is a competitor, don’t they have an account, I’m so smart for that, can’t I do a transfer to whoever there is into their account”

”If you my friend knew I was going to buy an award which was a wrong thing why did you go ahead and do it, why didn’t you tell me that.. ‘my dear work hard till you achieve whatever you want to achieve’ but you went ahead  to buy it, why would you do that as a friend, then you are an accomplice”



Check out the full interview below, where she also talks about her alleged failed marriage, her relationship with actress Selly Galley and more





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