Fuse ODG Unveils Black & Fabulous Dolls That Aims To Empower Young Children


Don’t you just love the fact that young black girls can now play with dolls that look just like them. The black dolls movement is growing stronger each minute.


The good news is young children can now be schooled on African history thanks to Fuse ODG. The Afrobeats sensation is set to launch his very own line of dolls dubbed ‘Nana Dollls’

In a social media post, the artiste revealed…


”We’ve been working on this for a while, a way to educate our young children about their history in a fun way. This is inspired by historical black women from Africa. It’s very important how our younger generation see themselves.”




”Nana means Queen or King and these dolls represent power, bravery, confidence, leaders and many great attributes that the younger generation need to know that they already possess.”




Do you like what you see? Nana Dolls will apparently be launched on  December 15, in the meantime check out their Instagram page: @HelloNanaDolls



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