#ChitChat With Tina Lobondi, A London-Based Designer & Philanthropist Contributing To The Success Story of Africa


Tina Lobondi is dropping some pearls of wisdom for us today! The UK-based fashion designer is not only taking the fashion world by storm but is also contributing immensely to the success story of Africa.

Couture D'Afrique

The French lady who even scooped a spot on Forbes 30 under 30 list runs a charity organization dubbed ESIMBI (based in the Democratic Republic of Congo)  and also an eponymous womenswear label.

Would love to tell you all about her endless list of accolades but let’s get to the short Q&A session and see if we can learn a thing or two from Lobondi

Couture D'Afrique


YS—Fashion shows and fashion weeks obviously puts your brand in the spotlight but for the number of years you have been in the industry do you think it actually boost your sales?

TL: Fashion shows don’t usually boost sales. It depends more on the coverage received and the marketing.

YS— What would be your top 5 tips for any aspiring fashion designer and entrepreneur?

1. Stay focused

2. Learn to prioritise

3. Keep your entourage clean

4. Prepare to never ending workloads

5. Enjoy what you are doing


YS—-Your charity organization (ESIMBI) seems to be focused primarily on Education, why not health or any other niche that is lacking.

TL: Education is lacking in Congo and you can’t move a nation towards a healthy future if the people are not educated. We focus on the arts sector which has been immensely neglected.

YS—-You have got some heavyweights as brand ambassadors huh? Hollywood actress Thandi Newton, Empire’s V Bozeman. How did you get all these fabulous stars on board.

(L-R) Thandie Newtown & Tina Lobondi
(L-R) Thandie Newtown & Tina Lobondi

TL: We worked really hard and still do to try to get supporters. When celebrities are involved, it is always a plus.

YS—Would you consider Tina Lobondi as one of the influential voices of DRC

TL: I hope our voice is at least heard in a positive way. If we do influence a few, it’s already something.

YS—-What’s next for the Tina Lobondi brand and ESIMBI

TL: We are hosting our first year anniversary at a venue in London. Tickets can be purchased via: esimbifundraiser2017

Couture D'Afrique

YS—How can anyone around the globe purchase your pieces and contribute to ESIMBI

TL: Customers can purchase our clothing through our stockists or order directly with us by emailing sales@tinalobondi.com.

To contribute to ESIMBI, they can buy a tshirt with the profits going towards the school fees of the children. Or request a sponsorship pack for our programs.




Big thank you to Tina Lobondi and her team for being a great sport. Hope you enjoyed this interview. XOXO





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