Black Girl Magic: Somali-American Politician Ilhan Omar Makes History


Ihan Omar has broken boundaries! While many people are not quite sure how Donald Trump would handle his term in office, it is nice to see an African woman become a lawmaker in the US.

On Tuesday, the 34year-old was sworn into the Minnesota House of Representatives. She became the first Muslim, Somali-American legislator in the United States of America.

In an interview with VOA, Omar revealed…


”It sort of provides a counter narrative to say ‘well all is not bad’…if someone like Ilhan who has all of the odds against her can succeed, then we are able to see that as a country we do have a balance of both good and bad and that we just have to figure out a way to come together and make sure we are amplifying the voices of good”



Are you inspired by Ilhan Omar’s win?





Photo Credit:

Associated Press



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