''Through It All, I Am Here'' – Oheneyere Gifty Anti Reflects On Her Life As She Turns A Year Older

There is no doubt that Ghanaian media personality Oheneyere Gifty Anti is such an inspiration for many young African girls. The boss lady turned a year older and she decided to drop a few pearls of wisdom  for her fans on social media.



She disclosed in a post that….


”Yes, the day is here. My birthday Day. Only God knows how I truly feel in my heart.
I am bursting with GRATITUDE.
You see, all my life, I have heard too many ‘you can’t’, ‘she can’t’ from people who either say it to my face or behind me. From people who think I am not good enough to achieve it, I cannot make it without them, it’s too difficult for me to achieve it or ….. those who will sit on the sidelines waiting for me to fail.
I heard it too many times that, at a point I also started believing and accepting the ‘I can’t Spirit’. But thank God, He created me a Rebel who loves to take the risk and defy the odds, of course knowing that I have God on my side.
Through it all, I am here!! God has brought me this far. I have failed at some, succeeded at some and still working on achieving others.
Most importantly, I am happy as a human being, because I am Grateful for how Far God has brought Me and the lives He has used me to Touch and impact.
Today, on the Occasion of my birthday, I pray and declare that you will not be stopped by any words of ‘You can’t’ thrown at you. Human beings are Not God. It is only God who decides what You Can and Can Not Achieve on this earth.
Today, I challenge you to break loose from any ‘You cant’ or ‘I can’t’ spirit, and push on to achieve your dreams. Don’t be Afraid, God has got you covered. Have faith in Him. Trust Him and work hard at achieving your dreams.
Don’t let anyone hold you ransom your past, mistakes or shortcomings. You are Good enough in the sight of God.
May you have a Testimony before the end of this year, of how you moved from ‘You can’t’ and ‘I can’t’ to I DID IT, I ACHIEVED IT by the GRACE OF GOD’. Love you very much and I appreciate you a lot.
Celebrate the day with me!!! It’s My Birthday!”



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