Chrisette Michele Chats About Why She Performed At Donald Trump's Inauguration. Says ''I Needed Them To See Us''

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If you have been keeping up, then you obviously know that American  singer Chrisette Michele received tons of backlash  because she decided to perform at  US president  Donald Trump’s inauguration

Many people of colour felt Chrisette disrespected her people by performing for a man who has shown lack of respect for minorities  in America.

Today, home girl was on popular New York radio show The Breakfast Club and here are  few interesting facts from the interview:


On why she performed:

” I needed them to see us, I needed them to [hear] what we have to say, what we look like, how we talk. With the entire campaign experience, I think many of us were wondering…’Who is he talking to?’ You would hear something and you would say… ‘Why does he think it is okay for him to talk to ‘us’ like that”



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On how she handled the backlash

” I had turned off my phone as soon as I decided to do it because I knew that people won’t understand. I refer to myself as a wolf in sheep’s clothing but really I was a sheep in wolf’s clothing. I was as afraid as we all are right now knowing that I had to put on some kind of armour, I call it the armour of God and that’s why I went there and sang gospel”


On whether she was surprised by the backlash

”I didn’t anticipate my own fans being as enraged, I thought that they had heard the album that I had put out called ‘Let Freedom Reign’ I thought that they had heard me sing ‘Black Girl Magic’ I thought they had seen me go to Harvard University and talk about black art… I would never have guessed that, I thought that some of my accolades would have stood for who I am”


Chrisette also revealed she was not paid a quarter million dollars to perform and no, she did not vote for Donald Trump


You can check out the entire interview below:



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