AKA Reveals His Break-Up With Bonang Matheba Was A Marketing Strategy




Guess AKA is taking lessons from Beyoncé now. The South African rapper has admitted to channelling his inner Queen Bee when he tweeted that he and his girlfriend Bonang Matheba had called it quits.



Apparently the hip-hop star was ready to release his new song Caiphus and needed to create a media frenzy to promote the track

In an interview with a SA publication named The Plug, AKA disclosed…

”Originally I had wanted to drop the song on Valentine’s Day. I thought that this would be way too obvious. So I was watching the Grammy’s I think, around Wednesday/Thursday last week and obviously saw the whole Adele acceptance speech where she mentioned that Lemonade was a huge moment for the culture or whatever. I got the idea that instead of Valentine’s Day, I should do something kind of anti-Valentine’s Day due to the content of the song. I then came up with the idea and developed it from there.”



When asked how they felt after announcing the false news, he said…

”We were watching the whole thing unfold and couldn’t wait for it to be Tuesday already. It’s exciting watching a plan come together. I knew that a lot of journalists would just take anything we tweeted as gospel and not really do any proper investigating. We knew people would do our job for us.”


Hmm I just hope Caiphus tops the music charts after all this drama.



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