Ghanaian Military Officer Lynched To Death

Talk about mob injustice! A Ghanaian soldier named Captain Maxwell Mahama was lynched and burned to death at Diaso in the Upper Denkyira West  district of the Central Region.

Apparently, the residents of the town mistook him for an armed robber. The sad event occurred on Monday (May 29) during the deceased daily jogging routine.

Well I smell a rat, it was reported that Mahama was carrying a gun  which prompted  some members of the town to insinuate that the deceased was a criminal.

In an interview with Accra based radio station Citi FM, Fred McBagonluri, (uncle of Maxwell Mahama) disclosed….


“He told us that there was some galamsey activities happening in the area which is like the epic center of this criminal enterprise and that on their arrival, they realized that the perpetrators of this trade have actually moved their equipment further into the forest. And now it was really difficult for them to really get access to them. They can hear machines operating, but far inside the forest. These were his last words to a friend of mine”


My his soul rest in peace


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