”My Definition of Me Didn’t Match The Definition That Society Had Bestowed Upon Me” – Amma Asante’s Tedx Talk Will Inspire You



Since it is Thursday, how about we check out an inspiring throwback video. British-Ghanaian film maker Amma Asante dropped some pearls of wisdom when she spoke at a Tedx event in Brixton, London. Amma touched on the topic – The Power of Defining Yourself

She revealed… ”My definition of me didn’t match the definition that society had bestowed upon me”

This was because she was a black woman trying to break into a male dominated industry and also a British-Ghanaian who was trying to fit into both cultures.

One interesting fact she disclosed was that….

” I realized that if I was going to move forward in the business, I was going to have to try and find a way of working out what the obstacles were and finding a way to negotiate those obstacles. What I learned is that when you truly embrace who you are and all of the worlds that you come from, when you bring those sensibilities to a previous closed off world, you move society forward. Because when we are moving into other worlds we touch people, we impact people and when people change then society has to as well.”


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