Career Tips From Media & Tech Influencer Karli Henriquez

Many industries in the world lack diversity and one Latina who did not let her skin color or gender stop her from achieving her goals is tech and media influencer Karli Henriquez. At the age of 18, she had already started breaking boundaries. She worked 10 years at iHeart Radio and seven years at MTV.


Karli recently disclosed in an interview with Forbes that….

”During my last semester of high school, I discovered the word, “Intern.” I would undoubtedly give credit to the start of my career to the Internship programs I signed up for right out of high school. I interned at Warner Brother Studios, CBS and KIIS FM; IHeartRadio. At the time, the one thing that became more and more obvious in my experience was the lack of people of color at companies. No one looked like me, no one spoke Spanish and I didn’t understand why. The lack of women like me only fueled me to push fear out the way and step into uncomfortable and uncharted territories.  When possible, I wanted to represent people of color, who weren’t given priority in the general market – even though we were their number one consumers.”

Tune In’s Manager of Music, Influencer Content dropped more pearls of during her interview and here are three tips I took from her feature.

  • Be authentic! Yes I know sometimes you need to fake it till you make it but when it comes to your beliefs and values there is nothing like sticking to what you believe in. Karli disclosed in her interview that….

”Not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is going to support your views. But, if at night you can sleep knowing you stayed true to yourself you will win in anything that you do”


  •  Happiness should be your ultimate priority. The boss lady revealed…

”Whenever I’m approached with an offer or an opportunity I always make sure to ask myself, “Will this make me happy?’ The industry is full of incredible opportunities that will lead to challenges, which can lead to confusing moments and lack of a clear vision. You need to make sure that those low points are worth it. Always make sure you are happy first and remember there’s room for everyone to win. Just be patient”



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