”We Have To Tell Our Own Stories” – Akon Speaks On The Need To Rebrand Africa.


Well we all know most international media platforms hardly portrays Africa in a positive light. From kids with flies on their faces, slums and epidemic diseases, the motherland is always seen a charity case.

Akon was recently a guest speaker at the three-day YouthConnekt Africa summit in Rwanda. The Senegalese musician/businessman spoke about the need to redefine our beautiful continent.

During his speech, Akon revealed ….

” There are a lot of things happening in the US that you would never see because they choose to show you what they want you to see… It is about country integrity, you have a certain reputation you have to keep. No one puts their family business out into the streets. One of the problems we have in Africa is that when something happens, the press is quick to put out negative energy and quick to put out a negative story and that story goes on to internet and other broadcasting systems take and they post it ”



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