Trendsetters With Yaa Somuah – Sena Dagadu Talks Mixing Business With Pleasure, New Album & Growing Up In A Multicultural Household

”My Hungarian husband makes the best Jollof rice” – Sena Dagadu is spilling the tea about her life in this week’s episode of Trendsetters with Yaa Somuah.

Currently living in Hungary, I caught up with Sena during her usual vacation in Ghana earlier this year to chat about her life, her thoughts on the Ghanaian music industry and of course her amazing music career.

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About Sena Dagadu.

Sena Dagadu is a Ghanaian-Hungarian singer-songwriter.  She stole the hearts of many Ghanaians with her recent music collaboration with VVIP dubbed Skolom.

She made her first solo album in 2003 titled First One( Gimmeshot Records). Sena is the lead vocalist of the Hungarian pop band Irie Mafia.  She has released four albums dubbed Hands in The Air, Whats My Name, Nagyon Jo Less and Irie X.

Sena Dagadu partnered with the Hungarian Embassy to introduce the Hungarian Cultural Week in Ghana. The maiden edition was held in March 2017. The event had performances from Wanlov The Kubolor Hungarian urban folk band Zuboly, Stevo the kologo playerVVIP, Worlasi, Ghanaian-Hungarian band RedRed, Gyedu Blay Amboley and Tumi Ansah.


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