Trendsetters With Yaa Somuah – Regina Honu On Feminism & Being A Tech Entrepreneur In Ghana

Do female entrepreneurs really have to lie about their relationship status in order to be taken seriously? It is another Wednesday and here is an interesting episode of Trendsetters with Yaa Somuah. Ghanaian Tech entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Soronko Solutions Regina Honu has been ‘killing it’ in the African tech space for quite sometime now.


I recently caught up with the proud feminist in her lovely office in East Legon (Accra) to talk about her fascinating mishaps, how she lied about her relationship status during her spinster days, meeting ex US President Barack Obama,how it is hard to be a woman in the information technology business, her married life and how she mentors young ladies with her Tech Needs Girls initiative.





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About Regina Honu

Regina (née Agyare) Honu is the CEO and founder of Soronko Sulutions, a software development company in Accra, Ghana. Regina’s school Soroko Academy equips individuals with computer software skills. Mrs. Honu was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the year by the GPA Awards from Africa 2.0. She has also been featured on CNN African Voices, CNN African Startups and interviewed by BBC World Service, Deutsche Welle and Aljazeera. In 2016 she was announced as the brand ambassador for international textile brand Vlisco



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