SA Football Legend Marks Maponyane Found Guilty of Assaulting His Ex-Wife. Peep These Interesting Social Media Reactions

Well this is quite ironic, August is Women’s Month in South Africa but high-profiled female abuse issues have popped up recently in Mzansi. Just about a week ago, the country’s Deputy Minister of Higher Education Mduduzi Manana was accused of slapping‚ punching and kicking two women at the Cubaña nightclub in Johannesburg. Now football legend and sports commentator Marks Maponyane has been found guilty of physically abusing his ex-wife.


The father of the popular South African actor and model Maps Maponyane was charged with a fine of R3 000 or a 6 months suspended jail sentence, and a further R6 000 fine or a suspended 24-month jail sentence. Apparently if he assaults anyone in the next 24 months, he will be charged with the latter sentence.

However, his son Maps dropped a cryptic tweet which most people believe might be about the current situation.


Peeps on social media on other hand, have no time cryptic messages, check out these interesting reactions:





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