Why Is It Now Cool To Be African? Find Out What J Hus Had To Say In A Recent Interview



Funny how times have changed, years ago most Africans living in Europe and the Diaspora would hardly admit that they were Africans or even pay homage to their roots. Fast-forward to now and everyone and their mama loves Afrobeats and the African culture. British-Gambian superstar J Hus was recently interviewed on Channel 4 News where he was asked about his views on the sudden change.

J Hus said….

”It is crazy everyone is embracing the African culture. When I was in school, it was not a cool thing to be African”

”Afrobeats really started popping in the UK in 2012, the Azonto thing was all popping. I used go to the shop and I would see the strangest people I will never expect to be listening to that kind of music, listening to it, it was all on the radio….At that moment in time I think the music was good, people were tired of being ashamed…African culture is beautiful and I think we also inspire a lot of people”


Check out J Hus’s full interview below, where he talks about his new album Common Sense, the Grime music scene and other interesting experiences:



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