What Kofi Siriboe Spent All of His ‘Queen Sugar’ Money On



Kofi Siriboe aka Kofi SiriBae aka man crush of life, is definitely more than just a ‘pretty’ face. The 23-year-old actor was recently on the Wendy Williams Show and he spilled the tea on what he decided to splurge his season 1 Queen Sugar pay cheque on.

The Ghanaian star who plays Ralph Angel Bordelon in the hit series Queen Sugar revealed……

” I pretty much spent all my money  from season 1. We don’t really have financial literacy. Like how do you know how to be famous? How do you know how to spend money? Season two brought me back!

”I made my first short film, I spent a lot of money on it.”


Kofi Siriboe also talked about why he wants to wait a while before he gets booed up, his relationship with actress with Issa Rae, meeting Oprah, wanting kids in 5 years time and more.



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