Michael Dapaah Chats About The Success of ‘Mans Not Hot’


If you do not have a vision board looks like you probably need to get one because many successful people have talked about how effective it has been in their lives. One of such stars is Mr. Mans Not Hot aka Michael Dapaah, the comedian who is of Ghanaian descent took the internet by storm when the freestyle session of Big Shaq (a character he created) went viral.

In a recent interview with Cycle (an online publication) Michael talked about achieving a lot of the targets on his vision board. He disclosed…

”When we hit like a million views on my YouTube channel, I remember I was so gassed or excited per say, because I have a vision board in my room and that was one of the things I put on my vision board, one million views on Youtube.”


Michael Dapaah also dished on how he is actually not an overnight celebrity but has been hustling for years way before the famous Mans Not Hot sensation. Plus how he has been inspired by Drake’s humility and also meeting DJ Khaled . Watch the full interview below:

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