Swizz Beatz’s South African Experience



Looks like the South African hiphop scene is about to be lit! Swizz Beatz who has been expressing his love for African music via his social media, finally connected with some hip hop heavyweights in Mzansi.



Booked to perform at The Bacardi Holiday Club, Swizz Beatz shared this video where he seemed to be enjoying the perks of the motherland.

Swizz also rocked ensembles by South African fashion brand, Maxhosa by Laduma and chilled in the studio with Cassper Nyovest and Anatii. Can’t wait to see what they cooked up in the studio.


Zone with good vibes!!! @casspernyovest @anatii 🇿🇦🇿🇦

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Rapper Reason who also met Swizz Beatz at Da L.E.S’s all white party decided to shoot his shot by asking for a beat from the American icon.


PART 1🔥 Wait, stop the party! I need to tell you guys about yesterday. Swizz Beats, you guys all know Swizz Beats right, the man behind some of the most iconic Hip Hop hits, super music producer, recording artist, art collector, Harvard business school Graduate out the Bronx, multi millionaire, mr Showtime, Mr Zone, Mr Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats, yeh him. So he came out to SA and threw one fire house party! Now it’s already enough watching a guy who has made hundreds and hundreds of tracks that we enjoy and dance to every day, but he is no ordinary artist/producer. Basically, he started off his show by playing and praising our local SA artists, which was phenomenal, and if that was not enough, he was dressed head to toe in local SA brands, down to the socks! (@maxhosa we see you). If that wasn’t already enough, he got off stage, told his security team and bouncers to chill, and jumped into the crowd, and for the next HOUR, surrounded by hundreds of fans, played and sang along to Africa’s top tracks, and in such a humbling way, truly showing that we are one family, no VIP mentality. To take it a step further, he then invited some of our SA rappers to perform their own song with him, obviously creating a riot coz I mean, who does that right? To take it a step further, when he finished off his set, he spent 10 minutes speaking to the crowd about how much he believes in our country and our artists, our potential, our capacity, and that no matter where we are in the world, humanity is one, United. After the show I went back stage to give Swizz a @shohrehcustomade ring that I had made for him. What truly inspired me was the humility of his whole management team & their willingness to help, something not too common in this world unfortunately. While talking to Swizz, what truly astonished was how genuine & kind he was, how generous he was with his time, how he truly listened, encouraged and smiled. I really feel that to lead by example is one of the most powerful forces in this world, and Swizz Beats has no doubt shown us all what that means. Thank you sir, both to you & your phenomenal team. @therealswizzz @meaghansmom @musicmanty 🙏🏽🇿🇦 #LEXLEO #DRSMILE #BAHAI

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