No Rihanna? Twitter Reacts To Pharrell & N.E.R.D’s NBA All Star Performance.


Oh pros and cons of music collaborations! So Pharrell together with his N.E.R.D crew recently collaborated with Rihanna on the song dubbed LemonUnlike me, if you are interested in basketball then you will know that the NBA All Star 2018 games went down on Sunday and N.E.R.D was booked to headline the event.

Picture this, N.E.R.D comes out, they begin to perform their songs they get to their smash hit tune Lemon which they collaborated with Rihanna, fans are holding on to their seats waiting to see if my girl Riri will make an appearance, Rihanna’s part comes on and guess what? No Rihanna in sight!


Peep some of the twitter reactions about N.E.R.D’s NBA All Star performance below:



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