Ghana School of Law Records Massive Exam Failure: 91 out of 474 Students Pass Bar Exams



Is it just me or way too many people are going to Law School in Ghana these days? Anyway it seems the Ghana School of Law marking scheme has got tougher as only 91 out of 474 students who sat the exams in May 2017, passed to be called to the Bar this year.

In an interview, the President of the Law Students Association, Sammy Gyamfi stated that

“It is very disheartening and dispiriting for students who have gone through a year of academic work to be subjected to such injustice. We believe that the Independent Examination Board has not been diligent in its working as far as the marking of our scripts is concerned, the integrity of the whole results has been compromised. We think that due process was not followed and we think that the results which was published is not the true reflection of the performance of students and we reject it totally.”


206 out of 474 law students have no choice than to repeat the entire course for failing to make the grade while 177 students have been referred in one or two papers.


All the best to them.


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