Video: Mo’Nique Fires Back At Charlamagne During A Breakfast Club Interview



Hide your wives, hide your kids, heck hide your mama because Mo’Nique is not playing games! Now we all know the American comic has had her fair share of controversy lately. She recently asked her fans to boycott Netflix because they offered her a contract which she felt was way below her credentials. This news however received a lot of criticisms.

If you are familiar with New York radio host Charlamagne then you will know he has segment called Donkey of the Day where he roasts celebrities and even regular people for doing ‘dumb’ stuff.  He recently called out Monique and home girl is obviously not happy about the situation.

Mo’Nique was on Power 105.1fm’ the Breakfast Club for an interview and Charlamagne questioned her about why she felt she deserved a similar offer to what Amy Schumer received. Charlamagne  even talked about how Amy has sold out multiple arenas and apparently created a bidding war with Netflix and HBO.

Mo’Nique who recorded the entire interview on Periscope Live replied by even calling Charlamagne  by his government name (Lenard) stating that…

We actually talked to the vice-president of Netflix, Lenard. And what happens is when you’re basing off what you were assuming, and then you give me a title of “Donkey of the Day.”

Is your mother still alive? And you’re from what city in South Carolina?

If I were to call your mother, or your grandmother, could they tell me stories of inequality that they had to deal with?

Charlamagne responded, “Absolutely.”

So would your mother be a donkey?

Would your grandmother be a donkey?

Charlamagne responded, “No.”

Mo’Nique then continued:

I need you to explain how you gave me the title, because you’re not explaining it. You’re going on from what I assume, but because you’re on that microphone…

And when we open up the microphones, we know just how powerful our voice can be, right Angela?


Watch the full interview below:

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