Sarkodie Talks Ebony & Road Safety. Check Out His New Song ‘Wake Up Call’


Sarkodie is getting things off his chest! The rap sensation has dropped a brand new song dubbed Wake Up Call. The song not only talks about the late music star Ebony (who lost her life to a car crash) but also initiates a road safety campaign.


‘Wake Up Call’ features Benji and was produced by Willies Beat. In a2 post via Instagram, Sarkodie opened up about the inspiration behind the song. He said….


It is very sad for me to pen down this piece. As a Ghanaian, my frustrations with respect to how our people are dying on our roads like animals being slaughtered daily is very unpalatable! Statistics about road accidents in Ghana is very devastating. Averagely, 5 people die daily in Ghana through road accident. This sad situation, over the past eight or so years, if not curtailed, deaths from road accidents can plunge this country into a standstill. Very soon, Ghana is likely to lose the entire energetic workforce through fatal road accidents. Quickly, I want to go straight to my view on how to solve this situation:

1. Dual-carriage lanes must be constructed on all major highways linking all the regional capitals . This will curb the constant head-on collision which has been the order of the day leading to 95% of deaths from Road Accidents.

2. Empower Police Service and Road safety Commission or A new agency must be created which could be a coalition of these two agencies and the Ghana Highways to ensure strict adherence of laws and regular maintenance of our roads. Roads signs and quality roads were all supposed to be supervised by Ghana Highways. Over the years, this particular institution has failed to perform its functions to our satisfaction. I wish to ask politicians, that, for how long can they tell us we are developing, when we cannot feel comfortable moving on our roads comfortably. We are dying by the day. We are all on a time bomb cos no matter how careful you are, another drivers carelessness can kill you. Radical decisions and actions need to be taken to avert this calamity and save Ghana our motherland.




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