Vogue Africa? Naomi Campbell Thinks The Motherland Needs It!

Naomi Campbell with Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari

Now there is British Vogue, Vogue Brazil, Vogue Arabia and even recently Vogue Czech and Slovakia so how come there is no such thing as Vogue Africa? Naomi Campbell who is currently living her best life in Lagos, Nigeria as part of Arise Fashion Week recently talked about the need for an African edition of the international publication.

Naomi Campbell with Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari

The British Vogue editor disclosed in an interview with Reuters that…

Image via Instagram

“There should be a Vogue Africa. We just had Vogue Arabia — it is the next progression. It has to be.”

“Africa has never had the opportunity to be out there and their fabrics and their materials and their designs be accepted on the global platform. It shouldn’t be that way. People have come to realize it is not about the color of your skin to define if you can do the job or not.”


What do you think should there be an African edition of Vogue? Anyway, I call dibs on contributing editor, what do you say?



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