Lunch With Emirates. Here Is What I Learned From The Experience

Last week, Emirates hosted a fabulous luncheon at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra for a selected number of digital influencers and media peeps. Guess who got an invite? Besides all the the yummy dishes, I learned a few things I will love to share to anyone who dreams of working for the airline.


Daniel Kumevor, a Ghanaian cabin crew supervisor who has worked with Emirates for over 7 years was the main the speaker at the luncheon. He shared with us his experiences working for the airline and most importantly his background. Daniel who lost his father early on in life, talked about how he had always wanted work in a field that helps people. He even considered working for the UN.

(L-R) Yaa Somuah and Daniel Kumevor


The son of a mason and a fruit seller, is a University of Ghana alumni. Daniel who studied Russian at University was on a return trip from Russia during his Exchange Programme days when he met a Ghanaian female cabin crew. The meeting inspired Daniel to apply for a job at Emirates.

(L-R) Yaa Somuah, Faith Senam Ocloo, Daniel Kumevor, Laurie Frempong and Francis Ocloo


Judging from what he shared about his application process, here is what I soaked in:

If you want to work for Emirates especially as a cabin crew member,

  1.  You need to be a peoples person. If human relations is not your thing, dealing with children does not tickle your fancy, then you might want to consider another career path. Daniel Kumevor dished on how he spoke about his love for people and helping others during his first interview.
  2.  A second language is a plus! I spoke about the fact that Dainel had studied Russian at the University of Ghana right? Besides, knowledge of a second language is always a CV booster.
  3.  Customer relations is key. Daniel was asked about if he had ever encountered a difficult client and how he dealt with the situation. He basically said in most cases a smile is always a great option because you will never know what the person is currently going through.
  4.  Finally, Daniel talked about how a cabin crew member needs to be a good listener and conversationalist, since the employee will be dealing with clients from all over the world



Emirates flies to over 180 destinations across six continents via its Dubai hub. In 2017, Emirates bagged the World’s Best Inflight Entertainment Award for the 13th consecutive time at the Skytrax World Airline Awards.


Shout out to the Stratcomm Africa team for bringing this event to light.


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