#VisaBae – Peep Some Interesting Reactions After UK Blogger Appealed For Funds To Avoid Deportation

They say fake it till you make it and it looks like Rutendo Tichiwangani aka RLT was doing just that on social media until life’s responsibilities caught up with her.

Now in case if you missed it, #VisaBae was trending on social media this week because a fashion blogger who has apparently been living in the UK since she was 10 years old put out a YouTube video asking her fans to contribute to her Go Fund Me account since she needs about £2,300 to pay for her visa which will expire in month. Otherwise home girl will end up being deported to her home country Zimbabwe


I must say I really admire her courage because to put out this type of video on social media is definitely not easy. However, ummm where were friends, family and even her boyfriend (whom she films some of her videos with)? Couldn’t anyone stop this? Why did she wait one month till things escalated? Now there so many ”undocumented” people living in the UK hustling their bum off trying to save some cash. True or False? I even watched one of her videos where she said she got a finance job but the corporate world was not her scene. I will say that applies to most creatives but if you are broke and you need that paper, don’t you think ”a girl has gotta do, what a girl has gotta do?”


Anyway I am done judging, peep a few twitter and YouTube reactions below:

PS: VisaBae exceeded her £2,300 target, her fans contributed so much she got double the amount!






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